Design Futures Council

About The Design Futures Council

The Design Futures Council (DFC) is a gathering of development, architecture, design, engineering, construction, product, and technology leaders who explore global trends, challenges, and opportunities to advance innovation and shape the future of architecture, engineering, construction and design. Each year the DFC convenes summits on issues of strategic importance to leaders, including technology and applied innovation, sustainability and the business of design. The DFC is part of the parent company, DesignIntelligence, which is dedicated to the business success of organizations in the built environment industry.


EVENTS  |  Leadership Summits and Webcasts

PROFESSIONAL RECOGNITION  |  Supporting Leaders At All Levels

Each year, the DFC recognizes and awards professionals through the following programs: Emerging Leaders Program, young professionals within the first 10 years of professional practice; Senior Fellows Program, professionals with a minimum of 20 years in practice; Exceptional Educator Program, innovative educators; and the Lifetime Achievement Program, leaders who have practiced architecture continuously for a minimum of 40 years.

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