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The DFC brings together those who need to be together in a creative and curated environment for dialogue and learning...

The camaraderie and lack of competition that exist within the Design Futures Council and the desire for everybody to help raise everyone else up -- and raise the profession as a result -- is one of the most positive things that exists within the group.
Lauren Della Bella
President, SHP

Throughout the years of our involvement with Design Futures Council, my firm has greatly benefited from DFC's ability to look clearly and deeply into the future and bring that perspective to our firm, to help us transform our present. But it's not only about the immense knowledge and perspective that the DFC offers, but the incredible opportunities to be in the presence of like-minded leaders in the industry and forge friendships that run deeper and longer than any single event.
Thom Penney
CEO Emeritus, LS3P

Dave Gilmore

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Design Futures Council reception
Upcoming Event
DI Research Foresight Webcast & Report

February 4, 2021
1:00 – 2:30pm ET


We invite you to join us as we kick off 2021 with a timely webcast delivered by DesignIntelligence's Dave Gilmore. This Design Futures Council members only event will review large trends overarching the built environment that will result in major changes over the coming year and beyond.

This will be a virtual event with zoom links sent after registration.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Design Futures Council | Recognition Programs

An important part of the mission of DesignIntelligence is to encourage and support leadership at all levels in the built environment industry ranging from the exploration that begins in education to the summary of accomplishments of mature professionals.

Our members nominate their peers to various levels of distinctions and they are honored at our events annually.

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Highlights from our DFC Members

Design that Brings Social, Economic & Ecological Value

RDG Planning & Design’s work for Menno Haven Rehabilitation Center has been recognized as part of the annual AIA Emerging Professional Exhibit, Environmental Excellence. The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has announced the list of recipients for its 2020 Emerging...

Surface and society: an active exchange in urban envr.

Chris Panfil is Vice President and Director of Planning and Urban Design at WATG Singapore. Over the past two decades, one focus of his work has been to understand, improve and envisage our urban spaces – including the role that creative design solutions play in our history, culture and...

Adaptive Reuse, Issue #1: How to Navigate Recent U.K.

Recent legislative changes in the U.K. are encouraging the adaptive reuse of buildings as a way to lower the embodied carbon in construction and help meet net zero goals. Meanwhile, buildings left vacant as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic can potentially be repurposed to meet market...