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The DFC brings together those who need to be together in a creative and curated environment for dialogue and learning...

The camaraderie and lack of competition that exist within the Design Futures Council and the desire for everybody to help raise everyone else up -- and raise the profession as a result -- is one of the most positive things that exists within the group.
Lauren Della Bella
President, SHP

Throughout the years of our involvement with Design Futures Council, my firm has greatly benefited from DFC's ability to look clearly and deeply into the future and bring that perspective to our firm, to help us transform our present. But it's not only about the immense knowledge and perspective that the DFC offers, but the incredible opportunities to be in the presence of like-minded leaders in the industry and forge friendships that run deeper and longer than any single event.
Thom Penney
CEO Emeritus, LS3P

Dave Gilmore

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Leadership Summit on Technology & Applied Innovation

July 21-22, 2021 | La Jolla, CA

Activating the focused energy of RADICAL INNOVATION promises transformative change across multiple dimensions. Leaders from multiple industries outside of the built environment will challenge us with what is possible when RADICAL INNOVATION is actioned.

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An important part of the mission of DesignIntelligence is to encourage and support leadership at all levels in the built environment industry ranging from the exploration that begins in education to the summary of accomplishments of mature professionals.

Our members nominate their peers to various levels of distinctions and they are honored at our events annually.

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Highlights from our DFC Members

In The Balance

In September 2020, DesignIntelligence hosted a virtual conference on The Future of Environmental Responsibility. A stellar cast of presenters shared thought leadership on a wide range of sustainability-related topics. In closing our event, Dave Gilmore challenged participants to continue the conversation…the challenge was accepted.

Shepley Bulfinch - Designing the Next Chapter

Walking into Donor Network of Arizona’s (DNA) office today is a breath of fresh air. The light-filled office is colorful and lively, blending texture and form. The office is in constant motion and the mission is seamlessly expressed throughout the space. This new home represents a...

Bloomberg CityLab Highlights CAPLA's AC Condensate Reuse

CAPLA’s water reuse initiative is one of several projects featured in an article published on May 11, 2021 in Bloomberg CityLab, “Air Conditioners Might Be One Water Source of Our Urban Future.” In the article, Assistant Professor of Architecture, Sustainable Built Environments and...