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Rives Taylor

Rives Taylor


Dirk Kestner

Dirk Kestner


Life Cycle Assessment: A Changing Frame

Gensler’s Director of Design Resilience Rives Taylor shares the evolution and responsibility for perspective correction, along with 5 starting points for action. Collaborator Dirk Kestner’s case study offers evidence. 

Prologue: Then

Dallas, TX, circa 1996: I was standing in a Hilton conference room far below ground – in anything but a daylit room. I was speaking to the Texas Society of Architects about this “new thing” called sustainability. Not just as an architect, but as a client with the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston. I faced the audience and posed a question for which no one had a response. I asked if they understood lifecycle thinking. Their blank stares delivered a clear answer.

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