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Rob V. Reis




The Road to 2030: Small Steps, Big Changes

Hanbury’s Rob Reis and Tom Powers share honest admissions about their firm’s journey to a sustainable culture

Slow and Steady

We started slow, but we’re catching up. Like more than 460 other architecture firms, Hanbury — a medium-sized, Virginia-based practice — joined the journey known as the Architecture 2030 Challenge. Despite five years of putting one foot in front of the other, the road to 2030 still feels daunting, but 2020 seems a good place to pause for reflection to appreciate how far we’ve come and reinvigorate our efforts. For us, that reflection happened at the recent Design Futures Council Summit on the Future of Environmental Responsibility. The event focused on where our industry hopes to be, needs to be, and will be in 2030 — and how we’ll get there.

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