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About Design Futures Council

The Design Futures Council was founded to connect leaders in the built environment industry. DFC member firm leaders analyze and embrace the challenges and opportunities facing the built environment industry by listening to each other and experts from outside industries to share ideas about technology, sustainability, the business of design, and more in a rapidly changing world.

In 1994, James P. Cramer, the former chief executive of the American Institute of Architects, and Dr. Jonas Salk, the man who discovered the polio vaccine and established the Salk Institute, founded the Design Futures Council (DFC) to establish an interdisciplinary network of ideas and innovation within the built environment.

In 1995, the DFC began publishing and circulating a newsletter called DesignIntelligence. The newsletter has now expanded to a vast network including a podcast, quarterly report, research, strategic advisory, learning institute, and school ratings. But the onus of DesignIntelligence and the DFC remains the same: real change is enacted when collaborators share ideas between and outside of the design disciplines.