Design Futures Council

DFC International Leadership Summit

Our Collective Responsible Response to Crises

Madrid, Spain | September 27-29

Our Collective Responsible Response to Crises

Madrid, Spain | September 27-29

We will focus on the large theme of Accelerating Crises.  We are concerned with both the near and far dynamics of concurrent crises occurring across multiple geographies.  Geopolitical, economic, societal, environmental, and overall human well-being dimensions are all being challenged to reconsider, redefine, and reinvent how they operate in this new reality.  

The questions before us are: 

  • How ought the design communities position, lead, and influence transformation in this context?   
  • What responsibilities will the design communities embrace, own, and give account for to dynamically alter this reality?  
  • What thinking, speaking, and behaviors must change to optimize design community value and influence?

How can we catalyze transformation?


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