Design Futures Council

DFC Membership

Researchers from our parent company, DesignIntelligence,   track Firm progress, contribution to the industry, and observable value to the world.  We extend invitations to meaningful Firms to join the Design Futures Council and become a part of our larger family of thinkers, designers, innovators, leaders, and transformational agents.

Membership Selection

The executive leadership of the Design Futures Council (DFC) selects candidate members for the organization each year. The selection is based on several factors including:

  • Excellence in design, engineering and delivery education. 
  • Marketplace reputation of innovation and forward-thinking contributions to the industry.
  • The possibility of meaningful contributions to the thought and trend leadership of the DFC

Leaders of member organizations bring their best thinking to each DFC gathering, ensuring that every summit drives forward movement, transformation, and actionable outcomes.

group photo of some Members

Membership Benefits

The  benefit of the Design Futures Council membership is access to an exclusive network of 100+ member organizations.  Some of the DFC’s other exclusive member benefits include the following:


Design Futures Council summits and think tanks connect leading thinkers with one another and with transformative ideas. DFC events help provide the vision leadership and energy to create lasting positive change.

Each year the DFC hosts multiple events. In 2020, due to restrictions brought about from Covid-19, the DFC will be offering a series of virtual events in lieu of some physical summits.

Here is a list of our upcoming events.

Members receive priority registration to a choice of events annually.

DI to the Organization

All members are offered an annual virtual gathering presentation of DesignIntelligence research regarding global themes, industry trends, and practice challenges and opportunities.

DI recognition programs

DFC members can participation in nominating peers into the following distinctions: Emerging Leaders Program, Senior Fellow Program, Exceptional Educator Program and the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Learn more about DI Recognition Programs.

media access

DFC members are given exclusive access to DesignIntelligence media content which includes but is not limited to: annual Architecture & Design Compensation Report, Annual Foresight Report, Mid-Year Economic Report and the Year-End Industry Report.

Membership Expectations

The value of the Design Futures Council cannot be overstated. The direct participation of its membership is essential to the sustainable value each receives. Members of the DFC are committed to fulfilling their part of participative membership through:

  • Active promotion and endorsement of the DFC across the industry
  • Careful and intentional participation in all relevant DesignIntelligence research surveys
  • Provide direct access to subject matter experts for DI editorial and research guidance
  • Attendance at DFC events each year
  • Maintain up-to-date information on your organization so that DesignIntelligence can best support you

Contact the Design Futures Council to learn more about becoming a member